Greg Finch Ministries - Sharing The Good News Through Southern / Bluegrass Gospel Music!
On a Wednesday night Sept.10th 2004, I re-dedicated my life to Jesus Christ at the age of 44. I said Lord, if you'll save me  I'll serve you in the ghettos of Chattanooga,TN or the ghettos of Chicago it don't matter.
 I really enjoy and love serving the Lord.
 I love telling people how much "Jesus Really Loves Them".  I have ministered to people in parking lots,  and in all kinds of places, and conditions.    People really do want to hear about Jesus Christ. They just have to see Jesus Christ in us. The hardest people to witness to, is people who have been hurt by their church. This is a tragedy.
These folks have to see that true Christians really do  love the Lord and really do care about them. We are not out to hurt them but to show them that Jesus is the answer.                       It's all about Jesus!   amen....
I'm a solo artist, I play the guitar,the bass guitar, learning the harmonica.
My message is simple -"Let God Be God", because it is all about Jesus Christ.
God has to get the glory for everything that is said and done, we just have to go "expecting", and then we can see great things happen, miracles take place, people are freed from bondage. 
 When we witness, we're on the King's business.
                   Jesus Really Loves You      
I'm Thankful For Being Blessed
Greg Finch
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                      Prayerfully Serving,
                       Brother Greg Finch
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